Result and Performance Improvement Planning (PIP) workshop for water service providers

20141208 095422As a part of ongoing efforts in benchmarking and performance management exercise for water service providers (WSPs), Sector Efficiency Improvement Unit (SEIU) organized a two days long workshop on Benchmarking Result and Performance Improvement Planning (PIP) for water service providers.

In the last few months SEIU has been busy in collecting the data questionnaires and validate the information in close consultation with WSPs. SEIU is at final stage to publish the result based on this benchmarking exercise. 

On second week of December about 40 participants from various water service providers (WSPs) across the country including some participants from divisional office of Department of Water Supply and Sewerage (DWSS) gathered at Gaindakot, Nawalparasi and actively attended the workshop.

 The participants were briefed about the initial result of the second data book, which is in the process of publication. SEIU also briefed participants about performance improvement plan.

 The workshop was successfully conducted; it presented the summary of WSP participation in the benchmarking survey, presentation of results – performance profiles, performance analysis on key performance indicators – performance comparisons, business planning approach in WASMIP programs and discussed on integrating water safety plans and PIP in business plans and next steps.  

20141209 094729

Benchmarking and Performance Assessment of Water Service Providers (WSPs) was started in early 2013 to develop capacity for monitoring functionality and performance of Nepal’s water supply service providers as an instrument for improving the service delivery and performance of the urban water supply sector. Four rounds of orientation workshops for WSPs have been conducted so far involving more than hundred WSPs. In April 2014, a data book was produced with the results on the 32 participating WSPs. A Performance Improvement Planning workshop was conducted for the WSPs included in data book 2012/2013.


Management Information System (MIS) is under preparation to support the Benchmarking process. This process has been found very useful and effective for the performance improvement planning of WSPs next data book will be published in early 2015.


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The bencharking and performance exercise has been very useful as it has helped service providers to compare various indicators, the benefit of such exercises are the WSPs themselves who can search for examples of good practices that they can emulate from among the participating water supplier users committees and associations. The government can look at the state of service delivery thought the performance indicators, analyze these with individual service providers and find ways of incrementally improving performance. Regulators can now look at a set of indicators that they can use in protecting the interest of consumers of receiving adequate, reliable and safe water and sanitation services in their homes, The same set f indicators will help to agree on business plans that will raise the viability of service providers to provide water to consumers in the home, institutions and business establishments.

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