Engaging Media on WASH

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Realizing and understanding the role of Media in the sector, Sector Efficiency Improvement Unit (SEIU), Ministry of Urban Development in collaboration with Federation of Water Users Committee Nepal (FEDWASUN) and WATERAiD Nepal jointly organized a half day interaction with Journalists about the role of Media. 

 The interaction was held on 27th March where about 100 journalists and sector stakeholders actively participated in the interaction.

In the context of Nepal Government and stakeholders working hard in meeting the goal of Water and Sanitation for all by 2017, it is also necessary to acknowledge that contribution of journalists and media houses has been a great role to push to amplify the sanitation movement in Nepal. 

Speaking during the interaction, Joint Secretary of the MoUD and Coordinator of SEIU Mr. Ram Chandra Devkota said that Media has great role to play to bridge the gap between the government and general people. He appreciated the role of Media in open defecation free (ODF) campaign and he appealed to Media to collaborate more in sustainability of the approach led by Nepal Government.

Mr. Kabindra Bikram Karki, Information Officer of Ministry then highlighted the initiations made by Nepal Government and the ministry in the WASH sector and made a presentation on role of media in the sector. He mentioned that Government will be always available to the journalists in providing and sharing the information.

DSC 0403Country Director of WaterAid Nepal Tripti Rai said, "Media can shape the public opinion and can promote critical thinking and evidence based reporting". He further added, "Vibrant wash media forum" is needed, which can institutionally support journalists to contribute more.

The participants' journalists from various Media Houses had an open interaction with government and representative of development partners.

Despite some challenges, media houses, those have reached to almost corner of our society can play an important role to push according to the essential roles different stakeholders need to play with. Knowingly or unknowingly, all journalist and media houses have good contribution to the WASH sector