WASH sector Learning & Sharing

Nov 2nd week 3To promote the culture of sharing, learning through regular interaction in an informal setup, SEIU has started WASH Sector Learning and Sharing series.

The WASH Sector in Nepal is very vibrant. Many agencies are active in a wide variety of WASH related activities. In the process they gain good practice which would be of interest to all in the sector. SEIU feels that there is a lot of opportunity in the sector for learning from each other and sharing of experiences and ideas. 


Download the presentations from WASH Sector Learning and Sharing.

14 November 2014

19 December 2014

23 January 2015 

20 February 2015 

20 March 2015 

- Presentations by Abadh Kumar Mishra, Anu Paudyal Gautam (UNICEF). Kabindra Bikram Karki (MoUD/SEIU), Gorkha Welfare System etc.