Project: Sector Efficiency Improvement Unit Consultancy Services (SEIUC)
Client: Government of Nepal - Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD)

Under the Second Small Towns Water Supply and Sanitation Project (SSTWSSP), the Government of Nepal has received grant financing from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) toward consultancy services in support of the Sector Efficiency Improvement Unit (SEIU).

Between December 2012 and June 2015, technical assistance was provided to SEIU by Lahmeyer IDP Consult Inc. of Manila, in collaboration with Total Management Services, Kathmandu, through the SEIU Consultancy Services (SEIUC).

SEIUC Services have supported  (1) policy formulation and implementation, (2) operating efficiency and management performance, and (3) water supply and sanitation sector coordination.

Cover Data Book15In line with the three components, SEIUC delivered the following major outputs in raising effectiveness and equity of service delivery, :

  • Support to SEIU/MoUD in developing new policies, refining existing policies in water supply and sanitation sector in addition to facilitating the implementation of current policies.                                                             This will include support for sector assessment, implementati
  • on of water safety plans, and the development of guidelines on output-based aid.
  • Efficiency improvement of water supply and sanitation service providers through (capacity development) for benchmarking. The key performance indicators will focus on consumer satisfaction, water resources management, financial management and human resource management. This effort is expected to raise and sustain service levels to consumers by the service providers. 
  • Contribution to sector coordination and harmonized implementation procedures for all sector agencies, development partners and NGOs leading to the formulation of a WASH Sector Development Plan.
  • A further  priority area is the development of policies and guidelines on wastewater management.

The various outputs and products of SEIUC have been published and distributed as a joint effort with SEIU or the WASH Sector, and are not separatedly credited to the Consultancy. 

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Ministry of Urban Development 
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