Regional JSR kicked off in Biratnagar

Opening session R-JSR BnagarThe Regional Joint Sector Review kicked off in Biratnagar this morning. It was inaugurated by the Regional Director of DWSS for the Eastern Development Region, Ram Chandra Sah. Some 60 representatives from district level Government Agencies: DWSS, DoLIDAR, Health, Education and Women Development, and from regional and district NGOs and CSOs are coming together to discuss WASH issues of significance for the Eastern Development Region.

Issues that will be reviewed will include Functionality and NMIP 2014; ODF progress and challenges, + special terai ODF programming; Human Resource Development and Capacity Building and the support the National WASH Training Centre can/should provide; Urban Water Supply (especially of importance to Morang and Jhapa districts, that have a large number of urban water supply schemes), and – an important and growing challenge – urban sanitation services: ODF, desludging and sewerage, and fecal sludge management to protect health and ecosystem quality.

Tomorrow, the meeting will address the challenges of drafting a Sector Development Plan that aims to chart a roadmap to ensure basic WASH coverage by 2017 (NPC 2010), and from then on further improve WASH services, and make these more sustainable, through source protection and water resource management and through proper tariff setting and cost recovery. 

Find the presenations from Regional JSR meetings held in Biratnagar

Written by Han Heijnen